Goodbye East, Goodbye West

Released in 2007 by Western Vinyl.
  1. "When Last We Heard of Gentlemen"
  2. "The River in Its Sunday Garb"
  3. "Imperium in Imperio"
  4. "S'vivon"
  5. "The Innocence of Facts"
  6. "Goodbye East, Goodbye West"

"A series of modest coos and swoons augmenting a twilit lullaby, watercolor sun setting behind watercolor trees, ushering in the time of reflection and dreaming. Come to think of it, dreams are the one place where you say goodbye to all compass points, where you travel on whim, suggestion, memory, invention. Madagascar's music has always been a conduit for me to that place." -- Michael Metivier, PopMatters

"The largely minor-key tunes are reminiscent of higher profile acts like Beirut and A Hawk and a Hacksaw, but Madagascar evince little interest in the faux-Balkan vibe of those bands: their music is unbound by geography, featuring slowly unfurling melodies akin to but gentler than fellow instrumentalists like Explosions in the Sky." -- Stewart Mason, AllMusic

"Madagascar are different though, playing a sort of nineteenth century ambient music (if that makes any sort of sense.) The songs are long, slow and surprisingly beautiful." -- Partly Porpoise

Compact disc available from CD Baby; downloads from iTunes or pretty much anywhere that sells digital music.